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What is Maya AI?

Maya AI is an AI data robot designed to provide personalized answers for enterprise data research. It combines multiple data sources and tools into one platform, offering real-time actionable insights from internal and external data. Maya is particularly useful in the healthcare sector, where it helps create stronger treatments for patients by analyzing patient data and identifying HLA associations with peptides. It also ensures regulatory compliance, automates tasks, and enhances organizational communication. Maya supports multiple languages and understands queries in different linguistic contexts, prioritizing data privacy and security. It offers seamless integration options through robust APIs and developer tools, enabling businesses to incorporate Maya’s AI capabilities into their existing systems.



⚡Top 5 Meet Maya AI Features:

  1. Personalized Answers for Enterprise Data Research: Meet Maya AI provides personalized answers for enterprise data research, connecting data and creating next-step actions for specific workflows.
  2. Cross-Searches Multiple Sources: Maya AI cross-searches multiple sources to get the most accurate answer while removing bias.
  3. Understanding User Role and Responsibilities: Maya AI understands your role and responsibilities and analyzes your behaviors to create a higher impact of relevant information.
  4. Seamless Integration Options: Providing robust APIs and developer tools for businesses and organizations to incorporate Maya’s artificial intelligence capabilities into their existing systems or platforms.
  5. Data Privacy and Security: Maya AI prioritizes data privacy and security, ensuring that sensitive information related to products and SOPs is protected during the analysis.



⚡Top 5 Meet Maya AI Use Cases:

  1. Streamlining Regulatory Compliance: Meet Maya AI helps organizations adhere to regulations by establishing streamlined processes and workflows to align with the latest regulatory changes, ensuring efficient operations that meet expectations and deliver on commitments.
  2. Automating Tasks and Enhancing Communication: Maya AI automates tasks and enhances communication, ensuring regulation adherence, minimizing risks, and fostering a safe customer environment.
  3. Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: The Cancer Center in Singapore uses Maya to gain insights into patient data and correlate public or new IEDB peptide epitopes genome sequences and identify HLA’s that are associated with each peptide.
  4. Drug Optimization with Symptom Scoring: Improves drug optimization with symptom scoring, understanding patterns and relationships for customer success.
  5. Multilingual Capabilities: Maya can speak and translate up to 14 languages and understands queries in different linguistic contexts, making it easy for users of various backgrounds to communicate with the system.

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