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What is Mayday AI?

Mayday AI is a calendar app designed to help users organize, protect, and manage their time effectively. It integrates with various platforms such as Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, and Apple iCloud, allowing users to bring all their calendars into one place. The app uses AI technology to auto-schedule events and tasks, suggesting optimal times based on user preferences and productivity best practices. It also includes features like automatic rescheduling, AI-powered scheduling links, chat assistance, and smart tags to help users work smarter.



⚡Top 5 Mayday AI Features:

  1. Auto-Schedule: Use auto-scheduling to find time to meet with others without having to interpret their schedules. Also, use auto-scheduling to work on your tasks based on your ever-changing priorities.
  2. Always Learning: Combines your scheduling preferences and patterns with best practices around productivity to schedule your events & tasks at ideal times
  3. Streamlined Scheduling for Teams: This tool works best when used with others. It suggests the right time for new events without requiring you to decipher co-workers’ schedules.
  4. AI-Scheduled Tasks: With enhanced task management, you can make time for what matters. Simply input duration and timeframes and let AI find the best time to ensure tasks are completed.
  5. Automatic Rescheduling: Mayday AI adapts to shifting priorities and changing schedules with both automatic and manual rescheduling options.



⚡Top 5 Mayday AI Use Cases:

  1. Outlook Integration: Connect your Microsoft 365 account to manage tasks, appointments, and priorities within one app across Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  2. AI Assistant Opportunities: AI automates cognitive tasks, redefining how we live and work.
  3. Mayday v4.3 Release: Introducing AI-Scheduled Tasks, allowing users to input task duration and timeframe for optimal scheduling.
  4. Mayday Name Origin: Reflects on the significance behind the name Mayday, symbolizing taking control of schedules and improving productivity.
  5. Productivity Hacks: Focuses on optimizing existing successful processes rather than unlocking new knowledge worker productivity.

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