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Mayday Features

Mayday is a comprehensive AI scheduling assistant for Mac, iOS and iPad that helps users optimize and manage their time. It provides a calendar to-do list, and its AI-powered algorithms schedule events and tasks at ideal times. Top 5 features:
-Auto-schedule: Find the right time to meet with others or work on tasks based on preferences and best practices.
-Streamlined Scheduling for Teams: Suggests the ideal time for events without having to decipher schedules.
-AI Scheduled Tasks: Make time for what matters with task management in Mayday.
-Automatic Rescheduling: Priorities can shift and Mayday has you covered with automatic rescheduling.
-Scheduling Links: Make yourself available without giving away all of your free time.

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Scheduling meetings with remote teams
-Managing calendar and task list
-Organizing events and tasks based on preferences
-Finding ideal times to meet with others
-Setting limits and nudging guests towards ideal times.


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