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Enhance dating with pick-up lines, activities & a personalized bio.
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What is Meet Millie?

Meet Millie is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in navigating the world of dating and relationships. It offers personalized pick-up lines, poems, date ideas, photo suggestions, bio writing, and a “finish my sentence” feature to help users break the ice, surprise their matches, and initiate deeper conversations. The tool is available through a subscription model, with pricing starting at $8.99 per month or $79.99 per year, which includes a 14-day free trial. The service is end-to-end encrypted for security and privacy, and it offers a commission of 35% for affiliates in the dating and lifestyle sectors. Meet Millie aims to provide a combination of romance and technology, helping users to improve their dating experiences and initiate meaningful conversations on platforms like Bumble.



⚡Top 5 Meet Millie App Features:

Read-along text: The app highlights words as they are read, helping children to follow along and improve their reading skills.
Interactivity on every page: The app includes digital pop-ups, mini games, and other interactive elements that engage children and make the reading experience more enjoyable.
Packed with exciting video clips and animation: The app features video clips and animation that add visual interest and help to bring the story to life.
Virtual stickers hidden on every page: The app includes virtual stickers that children can collect and use to decorate the pages of the book.
Innovative “Bedtime Mode”: The app includes a “Bedtime Mode” that creates a calmer experience for nighttime reading, with a dimmed screen and lowered sound.



⚡Top 5 Meet Millie App Use Cases:

Improving reading skills: The app’s read-along text feature can help children to improve their reading skills by following along with the highlighted words.
Engaging children in reading: The app’s interactive elements, such as digital pop-ups and mini games, can make reading more enjoyable and engaging for children.
Encouraging language development: The app’s interactive features can encourage language development by providing opportunities for children to practice speaking and listening.
Bonding with family members: The app can be a great way for families to bond over shared reading experiences, as children can read the book with their parents or siblings.
Supporting children with special needs: The app’s interactive features and engaging storyline can be particularly beneficial for children with special needs, such as those with Aspergers Syndrome.


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