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What is Metaview?

Metaview is an AI-powered platform designed to automate the process of taking notes during interviews and intake meetings, allowing recruiters to focus on engaging with candidates and hiring teams rather than manually documenting conversations. The platform uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to generate detailed, structured notes that can be shared with team members, saving significant amounts of time and improving the overall efficiency of the recruitment process. Additionally, the platform complies with various privacy regulations, ensuring secure handling of sensitive candidate information.



⚡Top 5 Metaview Features:

  1. Automated Interview Notes: Generate AI-powered notes for interviews, saving recruiters time and allowing them to focus on high-quality interactions with candidates and hiring teams.
  2. Integration with Existing Tools: Metaview works seamlessly with various tools such as calendars, ATS systems, video conferencing platforms, and mobile calls, ensuring that recruiters can continue using their existing workflows without any hassle.
  3. Security and Privacy Compliance: The platform is built to comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, providing granular access controls, customizable data retention, and SOC II-compliant security to protect candidate privacy.
  4. Customizable Notes: Metaview’s AI customizes notes to fit recruiters’ exact needs, eliminating the need to spend hours writing notes after interviews.
  5. Automated Scorecards: The platform pre-populates interview scorecards on select ATSes with objective information from interviews, allowing recruiters to easily fill in details and submit them with just a few clicks.



⚡Top 5 Metaview Use Cases:

  1. Intake Meetings: Capture everything discussed in intake meetings, enabling recruiters to focus on deeply understanding and advising hiring managers on new role requirements.
  2. Interviews: By automating note-taking during interviews, Metaview allows recruiters to give their full attention to the conversation instead of worrying about capturing every detail.
  3. Meetings with Hiring Teams: The platform takes care of note-taking in these meetings, freeing up recruiters to engage more effectively with team members.
  4. Candidate Comparison: With its Candidate Comparison feature, the AI intuitively presents facts about multiple candidates, helping recruiters make higher-quality decisions based on actual evidence.
  5. Note Customization: Recruiters can customize notes generated by Metaview to fit their specific needs, streamlining the process of sharing feedback with hiring teams.

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