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Share storyboard ideas with a variety of tools on an intuitive platform.
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What is Meyer?

AI Storyboards is an online platform that helps users create and share storyboards generated by AI. It enables users to access a wide range of tools such as Coqui Studio, GPTStability AI, and more, to generate their storyboard.

Top 5 features:
– Create and share AI generated storyboards
– Access a wide range of AI powered tools
– Keep track of storyboards and content with user profiles
– Connect with other users to comment and collaborate on stories
– Access the leaderboard to view content from other users

Top 5 use cases:
– Create an AI generated book trailer
– Craft a unique storyboard to go along with a song
– Pitch a project with a compelling storyboard
– Create a show reel with AI generated ideas
– Use AI tools to speed up the storyboarding process


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