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Organize tasks, estimate durations, and manage subtasks.
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What is MindGenie?

MindGenie is an AI assistant designed to help users manage their tasks and daily routines effectively. It offers intelligent task scheduling, which has been reported to significantly boost productivity by individuals such as PMs at Trendyol and students at Han University. The app strategically estimates task durations and breaks down time-consuming tasks into manageable subtasks. Users can integrate the app with their existing calendars and task management tools. MindGenie provides a range of pricing plans, including an early stage offer with a 35% discount.



⚡Top 5 MindGenie Features:

  1. Intelligent Task Scheduling: Boosts productivity by optimizing task schedules based on priority and estimated completion times.
  2. AI Duration Estimate: Accurately predicts task durations to help users plan their workload effectively.
  3. Auto-Subtasks: Breaks down complex tasks into smaller, manageable subtasks to improve efficiency.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Compatible with various calendars and task management tools for seamless organization.
  5. Flexible Pricing Options: Offers multiple plans catering to individuals and teams, with discounts available.



⚡Top 5 MindGenie Use Cases:

  1. Personal Productivity Management: Helps individuals manage their daily tasks and routines more efficiently.
  2. Student Organization: Assists students in managing their academic workload and staying on top of assignments.
  3. Project Management: Enables project managers to schedule tasks and monitor progress more effectively.
  4. Team Collaboration: Facilitates communication and coordination among team members working on shared projects.
  5. Business Operations Optimization: Supports businesses in streamlining operations and improving overall productivity.

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