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What is Mirage ML?

Mirage ML is a company that specializes in generative 3D models, using open-source repositories and optimizing them to create usable 3D assets in various formats. They have been following the progress of generative 3D models, including models from OpenAI, Google, and NVIDIA, and have been working on optimizing these models to generate meshes and NeRFs from text or images. They have also been open-sourcing their work, creating a repository called Mirage3D, built upon these companies’ work and optimized to create GLB files easily. The company is focused on creating a single source of truth for open-source generative 3D models and is committed to contributing to developing these models.



⚡Top 5 Mirage ML Features:

  1. Custom AI: Mirage ML builds custom large language models (LLMs) to accelerate productivity.
  2. Search and Generation: Every search generates a new asset, helping users find what they need.
  3. Open Source: Committed to open-source projects and integrations.
  4. Stable Diffusion: Mirage ML offers Stable Diffusion, a powerful AI model for generating text.
  5. Dreambooth: Dreambooth is a feature that allows users to create their own AI models.



⚡Top 5 Mirage ML Use Cases:

  1. Gaming: Leveraging generative AI to revolutionize gaming, providing infinite assets and choice.
  2. Video Game Prototyping: Mirage ML accelerates the entire development pipeline, from creating assets to prototyping.
  3. Game Design: Enabling game developers to create assets with AI-generated art, accelerating the design process.
  4. Procedural Content Generation: Mirage’s generative AI models change the future of gaming, offering new possibilities.
  5. Creativity and AI: At the forefront of the generative AI revolution, transforming the gaming industry.

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