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Personal WhatsApp assistant for tasks, conversations, and more.
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What is Mobile GPT?

Mobile GPT is a WhatsApp chatbot that utilizes advanced AI models such as GPT3 Turbo, GPT4, and SDXL to serve as a personal AI assistant. It offers various functionalities, including coding assistance, creating images and documents, teaching subjects, and more. Users can save notes, generate images, learn at their own pace, and receive reminders. Additionally, MobileGPT can analyze images, identify items, and generate documents in different formats. It also supports targeted WhatsApp advertising and offers a blog section with informative articles on AI and related topics.



⚡Top 5 Mobile GPT Features:

  1. ChatGPT on WhatsApp: Enjoy conversational AI assistance on your favorite messaging platform.
  2. Image Generation: Create high-quality images tailored to your preferences using Stable Diffusion XL 1.0.
  3. Personalized Learning Assistant: Study anytime, anywhere with a customized learning experience.
  4. Document Generation: Generate professional-grade documents without templates.
  5. WhatsApp Notes & Reminders: Organize your notes and schedule reminders directly on WhatsApp.



⚡Top 5 Mobile GPT Use Cases:

  1. Shopping: Find products, compare prices, and make purchases directly from WhatsApp.
  2. News: Stay updated on current events across various categories with a single command.
  3. Language Translation: Communicate effectively in different languages with ease.
  4. Productivity Tools: Manage tasks, set goals, and track progress with built-in tools.
  5. Creative Writing: Write stories, poems, and other forms of creative content with AI assistance.

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