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Modyfi Features

Modyfi is a design platform built for multidisciplinary designers, allowing them to design, generate, animate, and more without having to switch between apps. It features a community platform, remixer, image generation, motion scroll, and intuitive editing capabilities.

Top 5 Features:
– Community Platform for exploring what the community has been making
– Remixer for transforming designs into something unique
– Image generation with AI under users control
– Motion Scroll to quickly transform designs into looped animations
– Intuitive non-destructive image editing capabilities

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Designers can use the platform to create stunning visuals and animations without having to switch between multiple apps
– Animators can take advantage of the quick transformation of design into looped animations
– Creators have the ability to explore the community and remix designs on the platform
– Artist have access to an image generation and AI-driven art direction capabilities
– Editors can use the intuitive vector and raster tooling combined in a single editor


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