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Streamline document summarization and post-call analysis tasks
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What is Momentum?

Momentum AI provides a solution for sales and customer success teams by turning every call into CRM data automatically. It generates shareable summaries of sales calls in Slack and saves them as notes in Salesforce. Each summary is finely tuned to look for key insights like discovery questions, technical details, and value propositions. Momentum AI also offers tools like Autopilot CRM Field Extractions, Automatic Email Follow-ups, Ask Momentum, and AI Signals to automate tasks and distribute actionable intelligence in real-time.



⚡Top 5 Momentum AI Features:

  1. Call Summaries: After each sales call, Momentum creates a summary of the conversation that appears first in Slack. The summary includes information about the call, its participants, and relevant Salesforce records. It is finely tuned to identify key insights like discovery questions, technical details, and value propositions.
  2. Autopilot CRM Field Extractions: Momentum uses autopilot to fill in the gaps in reporting and enhance pipeline visibility by extracting key insights from calls and filling in Salesforce fields automatically.
  3. Automatic Email Follow-ups: Momentum automatically drafts emails populated with context from the conversation, pre-addressed to the appropriate prospects.
  4. Ask Momentum: This tool allows users to ask questions about quantitative and qualitative details of their interactions with prospects and customers, and provides actionable intelligence to help reps make informed decisions.
  5. AI Signals: Momentum listens to conversations for key topics defined by users and sends alerts to the appropriate teams when certain conditions are met, increasing pipeline visibility and enabling real-time distribution of sales intelligence.



⚡Top 5 Momentum AI Use Cases:

  1. Sales Efficiency: Momentum helps sales teams capture and activate customer CRM data, insights, and signals in a fraction of the time, allowing them to spend more time effectively selling and building customer relationships.
  2. Customer Support: By turning every call into CRM data automatically, Momentum enables customer support teams to quickly access and analyze customer interactions, improving response times and enhancing the overall customer experience.
  3. Product Development: Momentum’s AI Signals feature allows product teams to receive real-time feedback from customers, helping them to identify areas for improvement and prioritize development efforts.
  4. Marketing Analysis: Marketers can use Momentum to analyze customer interactions and gain insights into customer preferences and behaviors, informing marketing strategies and campaigns.
  5. Executive Reporting: Momentum’s ability to extract and sync key insights from every call makes it easier for executives to stay informed about sales performance and customer engagement, supporting strategic decision-making.

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