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No-code text analytics platform for insights from feedback, surveys.
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What is MonkeyLearn?

MonkeyLearn is a text analytics platform designed to simplify the process of cleaning, labeling, and visualizing customer feedback. It utilizes artificial intelligence to provide an all-in-one solution for text analysis and data visualization, allowing users to gain instant insights with greater granularity. Users can choose from a range of pre-trained classifiers and extractors, or build and train their own models without requiring coding skills. MonkeyLearn supports various data inputs, including dates and custom fields, and offers custom charts and visualizations in a fast experience. Additionally, it provides templates tailored for different business scenarios, enabling easy integration with apps and BI tools via native integrations, SQL connections, or APIs.



⚡Top 5 MonkeyLearn Features:

  1. All-in-one text analysis and data visualization studio: A platform that simplifies cleaning, labeling, and visualizing customer feedback.
  2. Machine learning models: Choose from pre-trained classifiers and extractors for a quick start, or build and train your own models.
  3. Customizable charts and visualizations: Create unique charts and graphs to gain deeper insights into your data.
  4. Integrations: Connect to various apps and BI tools using native integrations, SQL connections, or APIs.
  5. User-friendly interface: Import your dataset, define custom tags, and train your models in a simple UI.



⚡Top 5 MonkeyLearn Use Cases:

  1. Streamlining ticket routing: Improve efficiency by automating ticket routing processes and creating custom ticket responses.
  2. Understanding customer feedback: Analyze customer feedback to identify trends and improve products or services.
  3. Enhancing site moderation: Cut down moderator’s time by identifying and addressing issues quickly.
  4. Improving data analysis: Gain valuable insights by combining and filtering data inputs, including dates and custom fields.
  5. Creating custom classifiers: Build topic classifiers, sentiment analysis, entity extractors, and more to suit specific needs.

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