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Develop technologies for advanced character animation.
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What is Motorica?

Motorica AI specializes in developing technologies and tools for AI-generated character animation. They utilize the latest advancements in generative deep learning to offer high-level controllable motion synthesis through their first product, MoGen. This tool enables users to rapidly produce high-quality locomotion, blending over 150 different styles, which can be modified using preset motion paths or created within any fbx-compatible software. The company has received a MegaGrant from Epic Games, recognizing the potential of their AI-based animation technology on the Unreal platform. Motorica aims to revolutionize the animation industry with its innovative machine learning technologies, planning to release its first product in the first quarter of 2023.



⚡Top 5 Motorica Features:

  1. Motion Matching: Motorica uses the latest developments in generative deep learning to provide high-level controllable motion synthesis, allowing users to quickly generate high-quality locomotion mixing between more than 150 styles.
  2. AI-Generated Character Animation: Developing technologies and tools for advanced character animation, using AI to create realistic and expressive movements for characters.
  3. High-Level Controllability: Users can modify preset motion paths or create their own in any fbx-compatible software, giving them full control over the animation process.
  4. Integration with Unreal Platform: Epic Games has recognized the AI-based animation technology with a MegaGrant, enabling it to be integrated with the Unreal platform.
  5. Extensive Motion Library: That includes the motions of difficult-to-capture characters, such as animals and characters with superhuman capabilities.



⚡Top 5 Motorica Use Cases:

  1. Game Development: Game developers can use Motorica’s AI-generated character animation to create realistic and expressive movements for game characters.
  2. Film and Animation Production: Film and animation studios can utilize Motorica’s technology to generate high-quality motion paths for their characters, saving time and resources compared to traditional mocap methods.
  3. Virtual Reality Experiences: VR content creators can leverage Motorica’s advanced animation tools to develop immersive experiences with lifelike character movements.
  4. Education and Training: The technology can be used by educational institutions to teach students about the principles of animation and character movement, providing them with a powerful tool for learning and experimentation.
  5. Advertising and Marketing: Ad agencies and marketing firms can employ AI-based animation technology to create engaging and memorable advertisements featuring realistic character movements.

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