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Create 3D animations from videos with no need for hardware – Movmi!
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Movmi Features

Movmi is a Human AI-powered Motion Capture website that enables animators to create 3D animations from videos without the need for a suit or hardware. It provides access to a cloud-based capturing process, support for multiple humans, and different armatures. The top 5 features of Movmi include:

– AI Powered Motion Capture Tool
– Any Location and Device Use
– Multiple humans Supports
– Supports Different Armatures
– Movmi Store

Top 5 use cases for Movmi include:

– Create your 3D animation from a Video without suit or hardware
– Access a collection of full textured characters
– Update Membership for advanced features
– Download free 3D models of humans
– Estimate 3D human motion from 2D media content.


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