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Integrate royalty-free music into projects with a vast library.
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What is Mubert?

Mubert is a platform that harnesses the power of AI to create generative music. It allows for a symbiotic relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence, with millions of samples from hundreds of artists feeding into Mubert’s AI for instant generation of royalty-free music. The platform is trusted by major brands and offers various products including Render, Studio, and Mubert Play for video content, podcasts, apps, content creators, artists, developers, brands, and listeners.



⚡ Top 5 Mubert Features:

  1. Generative Music: Use AI to create unique, royalty-free music instantly. This makes it ideal for content creators who need original music for their projects
  2. Render: This feature allows users to generate music for their video content, podcasts, and apps, offering a seamless integration of sound and visual content
  3. Studio: Aimed at artists and content creators, this feature provides a platform to create and earn, fostering a symbiotic relationship between human creativity and AI
  4. API: This feature allows developers and brands to develop with Mubert, integrating AI-generated music into their own platforms or apps
  5. Play: For listeners, Mubert Play offers an evolving music experience, generating new pieces of music in seconds for every occasion



⚡ Top 5 Mubert Use Cases:

  1. Video Content Creation: Generate unique, royalty-free music for video content. This is ideal for filmmakers, YouTubers, or any content creators who need original music to accompany their visual content
  2. Podcast Production: Podcasters can create custom background music for their episodes. This helps to enhance the listening experience and sets the tone for the podcast
  3. App Development: Developers can integrate AI-generated music into their apps, providing users with a unique auditory experience. It can be used in everything from gaming apps to meditation apps
  4. Content Creation: With Mubert Studio, artists and content creators can create and earn from their creations. It offers a platform for creative expression and monetization
  5. Listening Experience: For music lovers, Mubert Play offers an evolving music experience. It generates new pieces of music in seconds tailored to the listener’s mood or activity

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