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What is MultiOn AI?

MultiOn AI offers AI agents that act on your behalf, including the Agent app which plans and books gatherings for you, enabling you to focus on connecting with friends. Their Agent API allows developers to build and embed AI agents that complete tasks on the web for their users. MultiOn’s goal is to enhance human abilities with AI, aiming to break free from the limitations of individual time constraints. The platform is currently in its beta phase and available through a Chrome extension and mobile app.



⚡Top 5 MultiOn AI Features:

  1. Personal AI Agent: An AI system designed to assist individuals in managing their daily tasks and activities.
  2. Booking and Planning: The ability to plan and schedule events, meetings, and gatherings through the Agent app.
  3. API Integration: The Agent API allows developers to build and integrate AI agents into their own applications and websites.
  4. Customizability: Users can tailor the AI agent to suit their specific needs and preferences.
  5. Task Automation: The AI agent can handle routine tasks, freeing up time for more important activities.



⚡Top 5 MultiOn AI Use Cases:

  1. Event Planning: Utilizing the Agent app to organize and manage social gatherings, parties, and other events.
  2. Task Management: Delegating repetitive tasks to the AI agent to streamline productivity.
  3. Research Assistance: Leveraging the AI agent to conduct online searches and compile relevant information.
  4. Calendar Management: Syncing the AI agent with a user’s calendar to automatically schedule appointments and meetings.
  5. Customer Service Support: Implementing the AI agent as a chatbot to handle customer queries and support requests.

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