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What is myGPTBrain?

myGPTBrain is a web application designed to assist users in gaining comprehensive insights from various sources including PDFs, office files, Google Drive, Notion, and other platforms. It offers a unique feature called Personas, which allows users to chat with their favorite celebrities and personalities, receiving answers based on their creations. Users can upload multiple document types and query multiple documents simultaneously, with relevant documents selected and displayed in the sources tab. Additionally, there is a Chrome extension for one-click saving of links from blogs, RSS feeds, GitHub readmes, YouTube videos, and more. Users can set up to three custom prompt instructions and change the default prompt template for all chats. myGPTBrain supports multiple language models, including those provided by OpenAI (like GPT3.5 and GPT4), Google, Coherent, and open-source models like Llama2. Users can also connect platforms like Reddit, Google Drive, Pocket, and Notion to stay in sync with their documents and links.



⚡Top 5 myGPTBrain Features:

  1. Multiple File Type Support: Users can upload various types of files, including PDFs, office files, zip files, images, and even links to articles and YouTube videos.
  2. Chatting with Multiple Documents: By uploading multiple documents, users can query multiple documents simultaneously, allowing for a more comprehensive search experience.
  3. One Click Save with Extension: A Chrome extension enables users to save links from blogs, RSS feeds, GitHub readmes, YouTube videos, and more with just one click.
  4. Using Prompt Instructions: Customizable prompt instructions allow users to specify their preferred format for responses and modify the default prompt template for all chats.
  5. Stay in Sync with Platforms: Users can connect platforms like Reddit, Google Drive, Pocket, and Notion to keep their documents and links organized across these services.



⚡Top 5 myGPTBrain Use Cases:

  1. Personal Research: Users can gather insights from various sources, such as pdfs, office files, and external websites, to answer their inquiries.
  2. Content Creation: The platform supports adding links to articles and YouTube videos, making it suitable for researchers, writers, and creators who need to reference external materials.
  3. Language Model Selection: With options from OpenAI (like GPT3.5 and GPT4) and other providers, users can select the most appropriate language model for their needs.
  4. Collaborative Learning: By connecting platforms like Reddit and Notion, students and educators can share resources and collaborate on projects more efficiently.
  5. Accessibility and Convenience: The Chrome extension simplifies the process of saving links from various sources, providing a seamless user experience.

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