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Minimize manual input and speed up data capture from documents.
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Nanonets Features

Nanonets’ website provides intelligent document processing with AI. It allows businesses to automate data capture from invoices, receipts, passports, ID cards and other documents. Using their self-learning OCR, Nanonets’ AICapture reduces the manual effort associated with data entry and significantly speeds up the process.

Top 5 Features
– AI-based intelligent document processing
– Automate data capture from documents
– Reduce turn around times
– Validate extracted data
– Continuous learning AI that improves accuracy

Top 5 Use Cases
– Capture data from unstructured invoices from multiple customers
– Understand documents with AI that learn with every transaction
– Seamless upload documents and export data
– Automate data entry with AI to save time and effort
– Validate extracted data and keep data clean and crisp


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