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Instant access to cloud computers: pre-configured, GPU support.
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What is Neverinstall?

Neverinstall is a cloud platform allowing users to access their favorite desktop applications directly from a browser without downloading or installing them. It provides a personal and high-powered cloud computer with virtual displays, streaming video directly to browsers as user input is forwarded in near real-time. The service offers a seamless experience for coding, designing, browsing, and product building, making it feel like using a native application. Users can quickly set up their accounts and use the pre-installed Windows & Linux OS applications. Neverinstall also features an AI copilot powered by OpenAI, providing inline assistance across the system.



⚡Top 5 NeverInstall Features:

  1. Do your heavy lifting on cloud: Experience seamless coding, designing, browsing, and product building like never before. Access a personal & high-powered cloud computer in seconds.
  2. Feels & works like your PC: Enjoy a familiar interface and performance similar to a traditional PC.
  3. Quick & effortless setup: Start using NeverInstall without the need for lengthy installations or configurations.
  4. Some love from our users: Quotes from satisfied customers praising the service’s convenience and effectiveness.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to common queries about how NeverInstall operates and delivers its services.



⚡ Top 5 NeverInstall Use Cases:

  1. Personalized Computing: Instantly tailor your computer to your needs by simply describing your requirements. For instance, say “I’m a developer, and I want to learn frontend development,” and the AI will set up all necessary tools.

  2. AI-Powered Coding Assistance: Write code for any task with AI-generated, context-aware snippets that can be directly inserted into your developer IDE. Ask the AI to optimize your code, ensuring it is efficient and error-free.

  3. Smart Browsing and Insights: Navigate websites effortlessly and have the AI summarize content for you. Get guidance on how many tabs to open to optimize your browsing experience.

  4. AI-Driven Design: Use the AI sidebar to enhance your design projects in tools like Figma. Create and collaborate efficiently with AI-generated content.

  5. Comprehensive System Control: The AI operating system can download, install apps, and perform actions instantly, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.



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