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Re-train models with Stable Diffusion’s advanced features.
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What is NextML?

Stable Diffusion.nextml provides access to the Stable Diffusion API, which allows developers to build applications on top of Stable Diffusion. This tool gives developers full control over their training processes and offers various features such as unsupervised segmentation of satellite images, damage detection on railroad infrastructure, text recognition in factories, super-resolution and object removal in satellite images, and risk assessment in legal documents. Additionally, the site includes information about NextML’s approach to machine learning technology and its commitment to privacy.



⚡Top 5 Stable Diffusion Features:

  1. Unsupervised Segmentation of Satellite Images: An algorithm that segments satellite images into distinct areas based on vegetation without any labeled training data.
  2. Detecting Damages on Railroad Infrastructure: Developed machine learning algorithms for detecting damages on railroad infrastructure together with Infranord and Trafikverket.
  3. Text Recognition in Factories: Improved a customer’s solution for reading text in images, reducing the error rate from 4% to 0.2%.
  4. Super-Resolution and Object Removal in Satellite Images: Made accessible satellite data easier to work with by removing unnecessary objects and increasing the resolution.
  5. Risk and Requirement Detection in Legal Documents: Helped a large consulting company to automatically detect requirements in their tender process.



⚡Top 5 Stable Diffusion Use Cases:

  1. Video Search Using CLIP: Implemented effective video search without the need for metadata using advancements in connecting text and images.
  2. Damage Recognition in Physical Assets: Scans through terabytes of photos to automatically detect damages on physical assets.
  3. Custom Model Finetuning: Allows users to finetune a combination of New Words, Text Encoder, and Latent Image Denoiser using the POST /v0alpha3/custom-models endpoint.
  4. Photoshop Plugin: A Stable Diffusion plugin for Photoshop that is still being developed.
  5. API Integration: The API makes it easy to build products on top of Stable Diffusion, allowing developers to leverage its capabilities in various applications.

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