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What is Nexus?

Clay.Earth’s Nexus is an AI-powered collaboration tool that assists users in navigating their entire network. Built on top of a Clay account, Nexus leverages the knowledge and context of all relationships to act as a brainstorm partner and assistant. It provides suggestions for gifts, emails, and connections based on the user’s network. Nexus aims to enhance thoughtfulness and reduce stress by providing relevant information quickly, helping users save time and make better decisions. It is designed to complement human interaction rather than replace it, focusing on improving relationships through technology while maintaining the human touch.



⚡Top 5 Nexus Features:

  1. AI Navigator: Nexus uses artificial intelligence to help users navigate their entire network.
  2. Collaborative Partner: It works seamlessly with Clay’s full power to provide answers to any request about your network.
  3. Understanding Context: Nexus has context for all relationships and can understand requests related to reasons to get back in touch, outreach emails, and gift ideas.
  4. Time Efficiency: It helps save time by finding the right person quickly, identifying opportunities faster, making better introductions, and hosting events.
  5. Augmenting Thoughtfulness: Nexus strikes a balance between AI capabilities and human effort, aiming to improve human connection without replacing interaction.



⚡Top 5 Nexus Use Cases:

  1. Reconnecting with Old Friends: Nexus can assist in reconnecting with old friends or acquaintances.
  2. Landing Dream Jobs: It can also help users land dream jobs by providing relevant information and suggestions.
  3. Remembering Important Details: Nexus can remind users of important relationship updates and life events.
  4. Networking Assistance: It can suggest people to visit when traveling or recommend non-profits to donate time to.
  5. Personalized Interaction: Nexus can summarize someone’s background before meeting them, helping users prepare for interactions.

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