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Noise Eraser

Quickly improve sound quality with AI-powered noise reduction.
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What is Noise Eraser?

DeepWave is a company that offers AI-based audio processing services. Their Noise Eraser app is designed to help content creators remove noise and adjust sounds in their audio files. The app uses AI technology to separate human voice and other sounds, making removing background noise and improving audio quality easier. DeepWave also provides cloud-based AI solutions for acoustic recognition and analysis, focusing on making audio processing easy and affordable for content creators. Their vision is to leverage machine learning to relieve human workloads and create a new aural delight for users.



⚡Top 5 Noise Eraser Features:

  1. Incredible Noise Reduction Result: Remove unwanted noise and enjoy premium noise-removing video quality.
  2. Instinctively Generate Appropriate Ratio for Voice/Noise: Use our default ratio to get a realistic sound without losing the background noise. You can still manually adjust the voice/noise ratio as desired.
  3. Use it for Free: Our regular plan is free, and we offer an affordable option to unlock advanced features.
  4. 3 Easy Steps to Professional Noise Reduction: Simply upload a video clip, let our AI remove the noise automatically, and adjust the voice/noise ratio to your liking.



⚡Top 5 Noise Eraser Use Cases:

  1. YouTubers: Use Noise Eraser to improve sound quality in chaotic environments such as windy or rainy days or noisy construction sites while recording on your smartphone or GoPro.
  2. Marketers: Upgrade audio quality for video production, case shooting, and demo presentations. Noise Eraser is a mobile app, making it convenient for creating high-quality content on the go.
  3. Sound Mixers: Eliminate unwanted noise without sacrificing background noise to achieve an unprecedented result.
  4. Content Creators: Use Noise Eraser to enhance audio quality for podcasts, webinars, and other online content.
  5. Educators: Improve audio quality for online classes and educational content, making it easier for students to understand and engage with the material.

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