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What is Nolej?

NOLEJ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help educators create interactive eLearning materials quickly and easily. Users can upload various types of content, including text, videos, audio, old SCORM files, YouTube links, and website pages. NOLEJ’s AI analyzes the content and generates multiple assessments and interactive courseware, such as interactive videos, flashcards, glossaries, crosswords, drag-and-drop exercises, and question sets. The platform supports plug-and-play integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), and Learning Record Stores (LRS), allowing users to export their content in formats like SCORM, xAPI, and H5P. NOLEJ has received positive feedback from educators who appreciate its ease of use and the impact it has on improving teaching and learning experiences.



⚡Top 5 NOLEJ Features:

  1. Automatic Content Generation: Transform existing learning materials into interactive content.
  2. Interactive Video: Enrich videos with flashcards, pop-ups, quizzes, and games.
  3. Glossary: Generate a comprehensive glossary of key concepts and terms.
  4. Drag the Word: Encourage deeper learning through interactive activities.
  5. Find the Word: Test understanding with interactive word searches.



⚡Top 5 NOLEJ Use Cases:

  1. Flashcard Practice: Reinforce learning with interactive flashcards.
  2. Question Sets: Test knowledge with multiple choice questions.
  3. Interactive Book: Package best content into a single resource.
  4. Crosswords: Add playful interactivity with crossword puzzles.
  5. Integration with Learning Platforms: Embed or export lessons for use on various platforms.

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