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Omniverse Audio2Face

Create 3D characters with matched facial animation.
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What is Omniverse Audio2Face?

NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face is a free application designed to simplify the animation process for 3D characters, matching them with any voice-over track. It uses artificial intelligence to generate facial animations from audio inputs, allowing users to record and playback vocal audio tracks, use a microphone in real time, retarget generated motions to any 3D character’s face, and run multiple instances with multiple characters in the same scene. The app is part of the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, which aims to accelerate animation workflows and reduce the complexity involved in creating realistic facial expressions and motions.



⚡Top 5 NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face Features:

  1. Real-time Animation: Simplify the animation of a 3D character to match any voice-over track in real time.
  2. Pre-Trained Deep Neural Network: Feeds audio inputs into a pre-trained network to generate facial animations.
  3. Character Transfer: Retarget generated motions to any 3D character’s face, regardless of style.
  4. Multiple Instances: Run multiple instances of Audio2Face with multiple characters in the same scene.
  5. Audio Player and Recorder: Record and playback vocal audio tracks for immediate animation results.



⚡Top 5 NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face Use Cases:

  1. Game Development: Create realistic facial expressions and motions for games using voice-over tracks.
  2. Visual Effects: Generate AI-driven facial animation for visual effects projects.
  3. Conversational AI: Enhance human-like interactions by matching facial expressions to speech.
  4. Healthcare: Improve patient care through realistic virtual representations of medical professionals.
  5. Education: Develop interactive educational content with animated characters synchronized to audio narration.

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