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What is OnModel AI?

OnModel AI offers AI-powered on-model photography solutions for apparel and fashion e-commerce stores. Instead of relying on stock images from suppliers, businesses can upgrade their product photos with AI-generated fashion models that represent diverse ethnicities and skin tones. The platform allows users to change models based on various parameters, including gender, ethnicity, age, expression, and makeup. Additionally, it enables the removal and modification of backgrounds to standardize store visuals. OnModel AI uses AI to reveal faces in cropped and headless images magically and provides batch processing capabilities to generate thousands of images for an entire store. Users can access these services through an easy-to-use app, making the process quick and efficient.



⚡Top 5 OnModel AI Features:

  1. Model Swap: Replace generic supplier photos with a diverse selection of AI-generated models.
  2. Magic Face Reveal: Automatically generate model faces for cropped images.
  3. Tshirt-to-Model: Transform flat lay or ghost mannequin T-shirt images into realistic AI-generated models.
  4. Batch Mode: Upgrade the photos of your entire store in bulk
  5. Professional Quality Images: Generate photorealistic on-model product images for your merchandise



⚡Top 5 OnModel AI Use Cases:

  1. Differentiate Your Store: Stand out from competitors by using unique model images instead of generic supplier shots.
  2. Save Time and Money: Eliminate the need for expensive photoshoots by generating new images with AI.
  3. Customization: Match your models to your audience and customize them to reflect different ethnicities, body types, and styles.
  4. Boost Sales: Use visually engaging images that foster a connection with potential shoppers to increase clicks, conversions, and brand success.
  5. Elevate Perceived Value: Showcase your products on a variety of models to create a premium and trustworthy feel that resonates with customers

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