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OnModel AI

Revolutionize online fashion stores with model tool.
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OnModel AI Features

OnModel.ai is a revolutionary new technology for fashion ecommerce stores that simplifies the process of placing clothing on models. Some of its top features include:

– Change models based on gender, ethnicity, age, expression, makeup, and more
– Easily remove and change backgrounds of images
– Magically reveal faces even when the image is cropped and headless
– Run batch jobs to generate thousands of images
– Instantly improve photos by upgrading models, backgrounds and more

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Apparel fashion ecommerce stores can use OnModel.ai to sell to new audiences
– Differentiate your store from competitors using AI fashion models
– Increase SEO rankings by using unique images to your store
– Represent diverse ethnicities and skin tones on model photos
– Improve product photos to increase store sales.


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