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What is OpenChat?

OpenCopilot is an AI copilot designed for SaaS products that aims to automate customer support and enhance user experience. It offers features such as AI search, Q&A chatbots, voice assistants, and powerups, which can help solve support questions, navigate through product features, and complete quick actions without leaving the page. OpenCopilot also provides customization options for the widget’s theme and interface, ensuring it harmonizes with the product’s visual identity. The platform offers various pricing plans, including cloud and self-host options, and includes personal support from the team. It is known for its speed and ability to handle long-running text-to-action automations, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their customer support and product interactions.



⚡Top 5 OpenCopilot Features:

AI copilot: An AI-powered assistant that can be embedded into your SaaS product to provide customer support on autopilot, saving you a fortune on every support channel.
In-product user assistant: A feature that allows users to navigate through every feature of your product in less than a second, providing a familiar interface.
In-app automation: Automates your product flows, making your entire product searchable with AI, and solving +60% of support questions instantly with Q&A Chatbots.
Custom theme: The widget harmonizes with your product’s visual identity, allowing for customization.
Quick actions with smart: Users can complete quick actions without leaving the page, enhancing the user experience.



⚡Top 5 OpenCopilot Use Cases:

Customer support on autopilot: OpenCopilot can save you a fortune by automating customer support, allowing you to handle support questions and issues more efficiently.
Product customization: The custom theme feature allows you to tailor the widget to match your product’s visual identity, enhancing the user experience.
In-app automation: Automating your product flows can help streamline processes and improve efficiency, making your product more user-friendly.
Quick actions with smart: This feature allows users to complete quick actions without leaving the page, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks.
Complex tasks done easily: OpenCopilot can unlock new flows on your product that you didn’t know were possible, making it easier to handle complex tasks without adding additional code.


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