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Unlimited musical expression with DAW integration.
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What is Orb Producer?

Orb Producer Suite 3 is a collection of four AI-powered music plugins designed for music composers, DJs, and recording studios. The suite includes Orb Melody, an AI-powered melody maker; Orb Bass, a perfect bassline generator; Orb Arpeggios, providing essential arpeggios; and Orb Synth, a powerful homemade wavetable synth. The suite offers unlimited possibilities for creating musical patterns and loops using state-of-the-art technology. It is compatible with various DAWs (except Protools) and supports VST2/VST3 and AU/AUFX formats. The suite is easy to use, with a modern UI that allows users to control every parameter. It comes with dozens of presets and smart AI tools, allowing users to choose tonalities and keys. Orb Producer Suite 3 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring user satisfaction.



⚡Top 5 Orb Producer Suite Features:

  1. 4 PLUGINS powered by AI: The suite includes four plugins: Orb Melody, Orb Bass, Orb Arpeggios, and Orb Synth, all of which are powered by artificial intelligence to generate musical patterns and loops.
  2. Dozens of Presets: The suite comes with a variety of presets created by industry professionals, providing users with a wide range of starting points for their compositions.
  3. Smart AI Tools: Users can customize tonalities and keys to fit their musical preferences and needs.
  4. Perfect DAW Integration: Orb Producer Suite works seamlessly with most digital audio workstations (DAWs), including VST2/VST3 and AU/AUFX formats.
  5. Easy export and import: The suite allows for easy integration into a user’s workflow by enabling simple drag-and-drop exports and imports of MIDI files into their preferred DAW.



⚡Top 5 Orb Producer Suite Use Cases:

  1. Music Production: Orb Producer Suite is designed for musicians, DJs, recording studios, film and digital audio makers, providing them with powerful tools to create unique and original music patterns and loops.
  2. Live Performance: The suite’s bassline generator and arpeggio module can assist DJs during live performances, helping them create dynamic and engaging sets.
  3. Film Scoring: Film composers can utilize the suite’s chord progressions and melodies to create captivating soundtracks for movies and television shows.
  4. Sound Design: With its advanced synthesis capabilities, Orb Synth X offers sound designers the ability to create complex waveforms and sounds, suitable for various genres and applications.
  5. Education: Students learning music production can benefit from the suite’s intuitive interface and comprehensive modulation options, allowing them to explore and experiment with different musical ideas.

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