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Gain insights from GitHub events with natural language queries.
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What is OSS Insight?

GitHub Data Explorer is a tool provided by OSS Insight that allows users to explore insights in GitHub event data using AI-generated SQL queries. It enables users to ask questions in natural language, and the tool generates SQL queries, retrieves data, and presents the results visually. The tool is built with Chat2Query, a GPT-powered SQL generator in TiDB Cloud, and uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to translate natural language to SQL. It provides features such as GPT-powered data exploration, technical fields analytics, developer analytics, repository analytics, and the ability to compare projects. The tool is designed to handle large-volume data and provide real-time updates by combining data from GH Archive and the GitHub event API. It also offers a workshop for learning about databases and a free quota for database usage forever.



⚡Top 5 GitHub Data Explorer Features:

Feature 1: GPT-Powered Data Exploration
Feature 2: Technical Fields Analytics
Feature 3: Developer Analytics
Feature 4: Repository Analytics
Feature 5: Compare Projects



⚡Top 5 GitHub Data Explorer Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Exploring GitHub data to find insights and trends
Use Case 2: Analyzing technical fields with curated repository lists
Use Case 3: Understanding developer productivity and collaboration
Use Case 4: Evaluating code update frequency and popularity of repositories
Use Case 5: Comparing two projects using various metrics


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