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AI-powered video editor for custom, multi-lingual business campaigns.
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What is Oxolo?

Oxolo is an AI tool designed to simplify the process of creating professional product videos for e-commerce stores, websites, and social media pages. By copying a product’s URL, users can generate a video script, actor, voice-over, music, and imagery within minutes, without requiring any expensive equipment or editing skills. The platform also includes a user-friendly editor for customizing the generated videos. Additionally, Oxolo provides analytics to assess video performance and make necessary adjustments for increased engagement. It aims to boost organic search traffic, engagement, and revenue growth through video content, making it particularly useful for e-commerce store owners, marketers, and social media managers seeking to enhance their product listings and customer engagement.



⚡Top 5 Oxolo Features:

  1. Effortless video creation: Generate a video script, actor, voice-over, music, and imagery by simply pasting a product URL
  2. Quick production: Complete video creation within minutes, without the need for expensive equipment or editing skills
  3. User-friendly editor: Customize generated videos with Oxolo’s intuitive studio editor
  4. Increased traffic and engagement: Boost organic search traffic, engagement, and revenue growth with video content
  5. AI-powered actors: Engage customers and increase e-commerce sales with AI-generated actors



⚡Top 5 Oxolo Use Cases:

  1. E-commerce store owners: Enhance product listings with professional videos
  2. Marketers: Increase engagement and sales through video content
  3. Social media managers: Create captivating product videos for their audience
  4. Multilingual support: Create videos in a wide variety of languages
  5. Video sharing: Share videos on social media, websites, or e-commerce platforms

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