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Process chatbot tasks collaboratively with low-code logic.
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What is ParallelGPT?

ParallelGPT is a tool that allows users to perform batch processing of ChatGPT queries in parallel using a spreadsheet UI. It supports importing prompts in bulk from CSV or JSON files and allows for collaboration with team members to create powerful ChatGPT workflows. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, starting with a readymade template and offering full coding extensibility. Data generated is stored on the user’s own Google Cloud project, including API keys stored on the Google Secret Manager. ParallelGPT also offers a newsletter for users to stay updated on releases and demos.



⚡Top 5 ParallelGPT Features:

Batch Processing: ParallelGPT enables the bulk processing of ChatGPT tasks, reducing one-by-one querying with CSV/JSON import and export.
Workflow Customization: Users can add their prompt logic and create potent ChatGPT workflows in a low-code environment.
Security: All data, including API keys, are stored securely on users’ own Google Cloud project, not on a third-party app.
Team Collaboration: ParallelGPT offers custom role-based access control for secure team collaborations.
Data Import/Export: Provides bulk import/export capabilities for CSV or JSON files.



⚡Top 5 ParallelGPT Use Cases:

Bulk Processing of ChatGPT Tasks: ParallelGPT allows users to process multiple ChatGPT tasks simultaneously, reducing the time and effort required for individual queries.
Workflow Creation: Users can create custom workflows using their own prompt logic, enabling them to tailor the AI responses to their specific needs.
Secure Data Storage: By storing data on users’ own Google Cloud project, ParallelGPT ensures that sensitive information remains secure and not accessible by third-party applications.
Team Collaboration: With custom role-based access control, ParallelGPT facilitates secure collaboration among team members, allowing them to work together on projects.
Data Import/Export: The ability to import and export data in bulk using CSV or JSON files makes it easier for users to manage and transfer data between different systems.


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