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What is Parrot AI?

Parrot AI is a platform designed to capture and organize conversational knowledge from various video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. It uses AI to prepare meeting summaries, organize them by topic, and generate potential action items. The platform also offers an AI assistant that can brainstorm ideas, draft emails, proposals, and other documents. Parrot AI ensures security and privacy by being SOC2 Type 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliant, and it does not share or train its AI model on user data.



⚡Top 5 Parrot AI Features:

  1. Intelligent Meeting Summaries: Parrot AI captures and organizes conversational knowledge from various platforms, preparing meeting summaries organized by topic and potential action items.
  2. AI-Assisted Search: The AI-assisted search finds matches effortlessly and summarizes the conversation, providing context for understanding.
  3. Video-Rich, Editable Pages: Parrot AI organizes knowledge in video-rich, editable pages, allowing users to collaborate and share with others.
  4. Security and Privacy: Parrot AI is designed with security, privacy, and governance in mind, ensuring that user data is protected and not shared or used to train the AI model.
  5. Integrations: Parrot AI integrates with various platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and screen recordings.



⚡Top 5 Parrot AI Use Cases:

  1. Brainstorming Ideas: Parrot AI can assist in brainstorming ideas and drafting follow-up emails, proposals, user stories, research reports, and more.
  2. Collaboration: Users can collaborate and share knowledge with others, making it easier to work together on projects.
  3. Meeting Summaries: Parrot AI prepares meeting summaries, saving time and effort in reviewing and organizing meeting content.
  4. Search and Summarize: The AI-assisted search and summarization features help users quickly find and understand relevant information.
  5. Security and Privacy: Parrot AI’s focus on security and privacy ensures that user data is protected and not shared or used without consent.

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