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Automate data entry, extraction from emails, PDFs, and more.
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What is Parsio?

Parsio offers a powerful platform for extracting data from emails and documents, automating the process to save time and reduce errors. It enables users to convert unstructured information into structured data seamlessly, which can then be exported to various formats or integrated with other systems. By leveraging Parsio.io, businesses can streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate data handling.



⚡Top 5 Parsio Features:

  1. PDF parser & OCR: Upgrade your data extraction process with an AI-powered PDF parser, saying goodbye to manual data entry and hello to effortless, automated data extraction.
  2. Any document type: Parse your PDF files in seconds with pre-built models for various document types, including invoices, business cards, ID documents, and more.
  3. Table extraction: Simplify data extraction from tables with variable numbers of rows.
  4. Multi-language: Parsio is trained to recognize handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages.
  5. Email parser: Unlock the full potential of your inbox with an email & attachments parser, easily capturing valuable data in real time and transforming it for your business applications.



⚡Top 5 Parsio Use Cases:

  1. Google Sheets integration: Extract accurate information from emails, invoices, receipts, PDF files to Google Sheets in real time.
  2. Slack notifications: Keep your team in the loop with real-time notifications of new leads, sales, and critical server alerts sent directly to their Slack channels.
  3. QuickBooks synchronization: Sync the captured data from receipts, bills, and invoices to QuickBooks to automate accounts payable for your business.
  4. Cloud Storage uploads: Automatically upload your PDF files and email attachments to Cloud Storage.
  5. High-volume plans: For businesses requiring larger volumes of data extraction, email Parsio at [email protected] to discuss high-volume pricing options.

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