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Personal.ai offers data-driven, interactive personal experiences.
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Personal AI Features

Personal.ai utilizes AI to create a digital version of you. It takes your data, facts, and opinions and creates a personalized and interactive experience that can be used in third party messaging apps. The top 5 features of Personal.ai include:

– Custom Language Model: Constructed using the data of one individual or brand
– Personalization: Generates a unique experience for each individual or brand
– Responsive AI: Changes its response based on the user
– Interactive Experience: Utilizes voice and other technologies
– Third Party Integration: Works with multiple messaging apps

The top 5 use cases for Personal.ai include:

– E-commerce: Provide personalized guidance for customers when navigating your online store
– Automation: Automate frequently asked questions and customer service tasks
– Messaging: Create interactive, personalized conversations with customers
– Content Curation: Select and curate content to present to customers
– Customer Insights: Track customer sentiment and develop automated feedback loops.


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