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Personal.ai offers data-driven, interactive personal experiences.
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What is Personal AI?

Personal AI is a platform that allows users to create their own AI version of themselves. The AI models are private and unique to each individual, providing a personalized experience. Features include one-on-one direct messaging, large group chats, and integration into various platforms such as SMS, Slack, Gmail, and Instagram. Personal AI caters to different user groups including domain experts, attorneys, legal professionals, enterprise employees, developers, and businesses looking for AI solutions for communication, quick recall, research, creativity, and monetization purposes.



⚡Top 5 Personal AI Features:

  1. Train: Personal AI allows users to create their own AI version using their personal data and facts.
  2. Unique AI Models: Each user gets a private model trained on their personal memory, making it unique to each individual.
  3. Chats: Offers one-on-one direct messages and large group chats for seamless communication.
  4. Community: A platform where users can interact and share ideas with others.
  5. Integration: Can be integrated into various platforms like SMS, Slack, Gmail, Instagram, and more.



⚡Top 5 Personal AI Use Cases:

  1. Simplify Everyday Communication: Personal AI helps simplify everyday communication by providing quick recall, research, and creativity support.
  2. Monetize Anytime Access: Users can monetize their AI by granting access to third parties.
  3. Live Forever: Personal AI ensures that users’ memories and knowledge are preserved forever.
  4. Integrate Into Your Team: Personal AI can be integrated into teams to enhance collaboration and productivity.
  5. Integrate Into Your Product: Developers can integrate Personal AI into their products to offer enhanced functionality.

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