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What is Photoroom?

Photoroom is an AI-based photo editing tool for businesses, resellers, and creators. It provides various features to edit, design, and optimize visual content for different platforms. Key functionalities include removing backgrounds, changing backgrounds, and showcasing products. For resellers, it offers features like background remover, product or person cut out, direct export to marketplaces, and batch export mode with a PRO membership. Small businesses can create professional images for websites or apps, and creators can promote themselves on social media by creating templates for YouTube or podcast covers, and Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest content. The app supports multiple languages and is available on iOS and Android devices.



⚡Top 5 PhotoRoom Features:

  1. Fast and Convenient Background Removal: PhotoRoom is known for its quick and easy background removal feature, allowing users to select the subject and automatically remove the rest of the image. This makes it ideal for processing photos, such as IDs or social media posts.
  2. Additional Tools: Aside from background removal, PhotoRoom offers tools like doodling, adding texts and shapes, and more. These features help users modify the original selection and meet casual photo editing requirements.
  3. Magic Retouch: This feature allows users to remove unwanted objects with a swipe of their finger, making it easy to edit product shots and create marketing materials.
  4. Batch Editor: Users can edit multiple photos simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  5. Assisted Cutout: This tool helps precisely refine edges during the cutting process, ensuring accurate object separation.



⚡Top 5 PhotoRoom Use Cases:

  1. Creating Professional Product Images: PhotoRoom is popular among resellers and small businesses for creating high-quality product images for e-commerce platforms like Depop, Poshmark, Amazon, and Shopify.
  2. Marketing Materials: The app provides built-in templates for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, enabling users to create visually appealing marketing materials.
  3. Customizing Profile Pictures: PhotoRoom allows users to customize profile pictures for web pages and social media profiles, enhancing their online presence.
  4. Curating Polished Stories: The app offers an easy way to create and curate polished stories that showcase a store, life, or oneself.
  5. Exporting Photos for Various Platforms: PhotoRoom enables users to export photos in various formats suitable for different social media or selling platforms, making it convenient for sharing content across multiple channels.

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