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What is Pickaxe?

Pickaxe Project is a platform for building, managing, and deploying AI prompts. It allows users to launch an AI studio with their own tools, brand, and unique knowledge. Users can create AI-powered tools and earn through paid subscriptions, with no-code requirements and an easy start. The platform also enables users to launch a storefront with their GPTs, their brand, and their unique knowledge. Users can set prices, usage, accounts, and more. The platform is designed for non-technical users and allows them to instantly code their qualitative data and seamlessly insert their clever prompts when and where they need them.



⚡Top 5 Pickaxe Features:

1. AI Studio: Launch an AI studio for others to use with your tools, your brand, and your unique knowledge.
2. Suite of GPTs: Launch a suite of GPTs with your expertise, your brand, your data—your rules.
3. AI-powered Tools: Create AI-powered tools and start earning through paid subscriptions. No-code and easy to start.
4. Storefront: Launch a storefront with your GPTs, your brand, and your unique knowledge.
5. Customization: Use your own documents, data, and directions to make AI work for you.



⚡Top 5 Pickaxe Use Cases:

1. AI Integration: Inject AI prompts into any website, data, or workflow. Support for the most recent generative models, including GPT4, ChatGPT, and GPT3.
2. Customization: Customize Pickaxes to embed them on your site, bring them into Google sheets, or access them through the API.
3. No-code Platform: Use the no-code platform to create GPT-powered apps and embed them anywhere you need.
4. Deployment: Deploy tools, set usage limits, monitor user activity, and more!
5. Selling AI Tools: Sell AI tools and chatbots via paywalled subscriptions.


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