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What is Pictory AI?

Pictory AI is an AI-powered tool that offers a suite of video creation and editing features aimed at content marketers. It allows users to transform scripts, blog posts, or long videos into engaging, shareable short videos or video highlights, complete with auto-generated captions. Additionally, Pictory AI provides collaborative tools for teams, enabling them to produce professional-quality videos at scale, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively



⚡ Top 5 Pictory AI Features:

  1. Script to Video: This feature allows users to transform their scripts into professional-quality videos with realistic AI voices, matching footage and music
  2. Blog Post to Video: Users can convert their blog posts into engaging summary videos, which can improve SEO, increase readership, and make content more shareable on social media
  3. Edit Video Using Text: Pictory AI enables users to edit videos using text, providing a unique and effective way of video editing
  4. Create Video Highlights: This feature allows users to automatically extract highlights from their Zoom, Teams, Webinar, and Podcast recordings and convert them into short branded video snippets ideal for posting on social media
  5. Auto Caption Videos: Pictory AI automatically adds captions to videos, which can result in up to 12% longer view time as it caters to the majority of social media users who watch videos on mute



⚡ Top 5 Pictory AI Use Cases:

  1. Script to Video Conversion:  Easily convert scripts into professional videos with matching footage and music, all powered by realistic AI voices
  2. Blog Post to Video Transformation: Bloggers and marketers can leverage Pictory.ai to transform their written content into captivating summary videos, which can boost SEO rankings and increase readership
  3. Video Highlights Creation: The platform is ideal for anyone conducting webinars or podcasts, as it allows for the automatic extraction of highlights from these recordings, which can then be converted into short, branded video snippets for social media
  4. Video Captioning: Given that a significant portion of social media videos are watched on mute, Pictory AI’s automatic captioning feature can help increase view time by making the content accessible to more viewers
  5. Collaborative Video Production: Teams across company departments and even external suppliers can share assets and ideas, making it possible to produce professional-quality videos at scale, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively



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