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Face recognition for privacy, image rights, and erasing unwanted photos.
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What is Pimeyes?

PimEyes is an advanced online search engine that utilizes face recognition technology to search the internet for images containing specific faces, offering users a way to track their digital presence and safeguard their privacy. It supports reverse image searching, allowing users to upload a photo and find where their face appears online, across various publicly accessible platforms, excluding social media and video platforms. Beyond just finding images, PimEyes also provides tools for users to monitor their online presence, set alerts for new findings, and even attempt to remove unwanted photos from external websites.



⚡ Top 5 PimEyes Features:

  1. Face Recognition Search: Utilizes advanced face recognition technology to find images containing specific faces across the internet, offering a unique way to perform reverse image searches.

  2. Reverse Image Search Mechanism: This enhances traditional reverse image search by focusing on faces, allowing users to find instances of their faces online, even in varying contexts, such as different backgrounds or hairstyles.

  3. Privacy Protection Tools: Pimeyes provides options for users to protect their privacy, including setting alerts for when new images of their face are found online and tools to attempt to remove unwanted photos from external websites.

  4. High-Quality Image Support: The engine supports high-quality images for searching, improving the accuracy and relevance of search results.

  5. Accessibility and Ease of Use: Users can easily upload a photo or take a picture with their device’s camera for immediate searching, making it accessible and straightforward to monitor one’s online presence.



⚡ Top 5 PimEyes Use Cases:

  1. Online Presence Monitoring: Individuals can use this technology to track where their images are published online, helping them monitor their digital footprint and manage their online reputation.

  2. Privacy Protection: Users can set alerts when new images of their faces are found online, enabling proactive measures to protect their privacy and potentially remove unwanted photos from external websites.

  3. Copyright Infringement Audits: It serves as a tool for individuals and businesses to audit potential copyright infringements by finding unauthorized uses of their images across the web, thereby reclaiming image rights.

  4. Preventing Identity Theft: By locating instances of one’s images being used without consent, users can take steps to prevent identity theft and misuse of their photos by scammers or impersonators.

  5. Cold Case Investigation: On a more specialized note, the technology can aid in cold case investigations by allowing law enforcement or investigators to find leads based on facial recognition searches, thereby solving long-standing unsolved cases.



⚡ PimEyes Cost And Pricing Plans:

After trying their platform with a sample upload of your photo, PimEyes offers various pricing plans, starting with the basic one for $30/mo:

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