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Generate pixel art images with adjustable parameters.
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Pixelfy Features

Pixelfy is an AI-powered application that generates stunning pixel art images. It provides users with a variety of battle-tested generators to create all types of images and has a prompt builder powered by AI to help create stunning images. The top 5 features of Pixelfy include:

– Prompt Builder – An AI-powered prompt builder to help create stunning pixel art images
– Control Grid Size – Choose from 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, or 128×128 grids
– Advanced Tuning – Adjust sampling steps and prompt guidance
– Background Removal – Isolate the subject of your image by removing the background
– Color Palette Control – Constrain your generated image to a specific color palette

The top 5 use cases of Pixelfy are:
– Pixel Art Images – Generate high quality pixel art with Artificial Intelligence
– Backgrounds – Create realistic backgrounds for video games, movies, and more
– 32×32 Skill Art – Create detailed pixel art characters, props, and scenes
– 16×16 Pixel Portraits – Create unique avatars and profile pictures
– Open Source – The code is available on GitHub for developers and tinkerers.


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