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Instant, tailored itineraries based on interests and budget.
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What is PlanTripAI?

PlanTripAI offers an AI app that generates customized travel itineraries within seconds, using personalized recommendations based on users’ interests, preferences, and budgets. It delivers itineraries in various formats such as PDF, spreadsheet, or browser URL for easy sharing. Users have full ownership of the generated itinerary, including commercial rights and the ability to resell it. The service guarantees quick delivery and allows creating multiple itineraries without limitations. The pricing model includes a one-time payment of $10 for a lifetime license, providing access to all features without subscriptions or additional costs.



⚡Top 5 PlanTripAI Features:

  1. AI-Generated Customized Itineraries: The AI generates personalized itineraries based on user’s interests, preferences, and budget.
  2. Automated Itinerary Generation: The AI creates itineraries automatically based on the selected trip preferences.
  3. Preview and Download Options: Users can preview generated itineraries and download them in various formats like PDF or spreadsheet.
  4. Link Sharing: Generated itineraries can be shared as links for easy access by others.
  5. Wide Variety of Trip Preferences: A wide range of distinguished styles of trip preferences to choose from.



⚡Top 5 PlanTripAI Use Cases:

  1. Hassle-Free Travel Planning: PlanTripAI serves as a personal travel consultant accessible in your pocket, ready whenever and wherever you need.
  2. Customized Recommendations: The AI generates tailored recommendations based on user’s interests and budget.
  3. Destination Insights: Provides information about destinations to help users make informed decisions.
  4. Budget Management: Coming soon feature that helps manage travel expenses.
  5. Chat with Personal AI Trip Assistant: Users can chat with an AI assistant for assistance in planning their trips.

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