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What is Playstrict?

Playstrict is a mobile gaming growth platform designed to assist game developers in growing and monetizing their games. It offers various features including a Game Checker tool for market validation, a Sales Funnel analysis for understanding user behavior, and different types of campaigns such as Pre-Save, Soft Launch, and Boost Game. Additionally, Playstrict provides an individual approach to each game, offering data and analytics to guide developers’ decisions. The platform focuses on mobile games and machine learning development, aiming to help developers reach their target audience effectively.



⚡Top 5 Playstrict Features:

  1. Game Checker: A tool that allows developers to assess their game’s performance in the market and receive recommendations for improvement.
  2. Marketing Feature: Provides insights into the sales funnel and conversion rates, enabling developers to optimize their marketing campaigns.
  3. Campaign Manager: Offers three types of user acquisition campaigns (Pre-Save, Soft Launch, and Boost Game) to help developers reach their target audience effectively.
  4. Recommendation Engine: Utilizes AI technology to assist developers in reaching a broader audience and acquiring the right gamers.
  5. Advertising Network: Enables developers to showcase their games across various platforms, giving them a higher chance of standing out in the crowded app stores.



⚡Top 5 Playstrict Use Cases:

  1. Soft Launch Campaign: Allows developers to test their game with a smaller audience before launching it on a larger scale, gathering feedback and identifying areas for improvement.
  2. Pre-Save Campaign: Helps developers build anticipation for their game among potential players, increasing engagement and visibility before its release.
  3. Boost Game Campaign: Assists developers in promoting their games to a wider audience, driving downloads and revenue growth.
  4. Game Optimization: Provides data and analytics that enable developers to optimize their games’ performance, ensuring they are ready for soft launch and market validation.
  5. Marketing Strategy Development: Offers personalized marketing strategies based on each developer’s unique needs and goals, helping them monetize their games effectively.

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