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Plus AI for Google Slides

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What is Plus AI for Google Slides?

Plus AI for Google Slides is a free AI presentation maker specifically designed for Google Slides. Users can create presentations from text, such as blog posts, articles, and PDFs, using the Text-to-Presentation mode. Plus AI allows users to create individual slides or entire presentations, including reformatting existing slide decks using the Remix feature. The tool is compatible with Google Docs and can be used to create presentations in PowerPoint, although a native PowerPoint add-in is currently on a waitlist. Plus AI also offers custom templates for Enterprise customers upon request.



⚡Top 5 Plus AI for Google Slides Features:

  1. Text-to-Presentation Mode: Convert blog posts, articles, and PDFs into presentations by copying and pasting text into the Text-to-Presentation option.
  2. One Slide at a Time: Create individual slides or entire presentations using a prompt or longer pieces of text like blog posts or articles.
  3. Format Existing Slide Decks: Reformat or convert existing slides into new formats and layouts using the Remix feature.
  4. Team Collaboration: Share themes and custom instructions with your team to ensure consistent presentations.
  5. Security: Follows enterprise-grade security practices and has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance.



⚡Top 5 Plus AI for Google Slides Use Cases:

  1. Sales Presentations: Automatically generate customized slide decks for customer and prospect meetings.
  2. Educational Materials: Create online courses, training materials, and other educational content efficiently.
  3. Business Assistant: Use Plus AI as a personal business analyst for tasks like content conversion and slide creation.
  4. Marketing Collateral: Generate ad copy, write blog posts, and develop marketing strategies with ease.
  5. Custom Templates: Design presentation templates for your organization without the need for separate template galleries or learning new apps.

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