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What is Podwise?

Podwise XYZ is a knowledge management app specifically designed for podcast listeners. It uses AI to extract structured knowledge from podcasts, providing users with summarized versions of episodes, mindmaps, outlines, notable quotes, and accurate transcriptions. Users can subscribe to their preferred content and gain immediate access to these features as soon as new episodes become available. The app aims to help users manage their podcast consumption more efficiently, saving time and improving recall. It also integrates with various knowledge management tools such as Notion, Obsidian, Readwise, and Logseq, streamlining the process further. Podwise offers different pricing plans, starting with a free trial, and caters to both casual and dedicated podcast enthusiasts.



⚡Top 5 Podwise Features:

  1. Easy Subscription: Subscribe to your favorite content and gain instant access to structured knowledge as soon as new episodes are released.
  2. AI-Driven Summarization: Quickly understand the essence of any podcast episode using AI-generated summaries.
  3. Mindmaps: Visualize the structure of podcasts in the form of mindmaps, making it easier to capture key elements of the content.
  4. Outlines: Condense any content into a concise 3-minute outline, complete with key points and a summary of the desired duration.
  5. Seamless Integration: Connect Podwise with your existing knowledge management tools such as Notion, Obsidian, Readwise, and Logseq for efficient knowledge management.



⚡Top 5 Podwise Use Cases:

  1. Time-Saving: Save time by quickly understanding the main points of podcasts without having to listen to the entire episode.
  2. Note Consolidation: Easily consolidate notes from multiple podcasts into one centralized location for easy reference.
  3. Second Brain Enhancement: Create a personal second brain by storing and organizing podcast knowledge alongside other important information.
  4. Learning on the Go: Access podcast summaries and outlines from anywhere with Podwise’s mobile-first design.
  5. Customizable Pricing Plans: Choose a pricing plan that suits your needs, starting with a free plan and upgrading as needed.

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