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Polarr Copilots

Transform text into visuals: photos, videos & designs.
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What is Polarr Copilots?

The Polarr Copilot is a suite of AI-powered tools that transform text prompts into stunning photo, video, and design edits. It includes three main copilots: Photo Editing Copilot, Video Editing Copilot, and Design Copilot. The Photo Editing Copilot allows users to edit photos by describing the desired edits for people, surroundings, or colors, while the Video Editing Copilot generates complex video effects using cinematic colors, advanced transitions, and impressive effects. The Design Copilot produces customized social post designs based on input images. The copilots are designed to be easy to use, with features like background edits, color adjustments, object selection, and the ability to add unique overlays. They also continuously improve by learning from community-generated edits made in Polarr and 24FPS. The copilots are available for free to all iOS users in the United States within the Polarr and 24FPS apps.



⚡Top 5 Polarr Copilot Features:

Feature 1: Photo Editing Copilot
Feature 2: Video Editing Copilot
Feature 3: Design Copilot
Feature 4: Background Edits
Feature 5: Color Adjustments



⚡Top 5 Polarr Copilot Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Editing Photos with Text Prompts
Use Case 2: Creating Complex Video Effects
Use Case 3: Designing Customized Social Posts
Use Case 4: Changing the Vibe Atmosphere of Images and Videos
Use Case 5: Trying New Aesthetics or Replicating Favorite Shows


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