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What is Poly ai?

PolyAI is a conversational platform designed for enterprises that allows customers to lead the conversation, enabling them to speak naturally, interrupt, and change topics. It aims to deliver a fantastic customer experience by handling over 50% of calls and consistently delivering the best brand experience. The platform is purpose-built for enterprise, offering security, integrations, analytics, and industry-specific solutions. It is designed to transform call centers into revenue generators, with features such as real-time dashboard analysis, ongoing performance updates, and customized voice assistants. The platform is designed to handle various use cases, including booking, payments, FAQs, troubleshooting, and order management, among others.



⚡Top 5 Poly AI Features:

1. Customized Voice Assistant: Design a branded voice and personality that engages users to resolve inquiries.
2. Seamless Integration: Plug into your existing tech stack without risky replatforming.
3. Real-time Dashboard: Monitor issues such as site problems, trends, or a rise in specific product inquiries.
4. Performance Updates: Manage ongoing performance updates and maintenance controls.
5. Out-of-the-box and Custom Integrations: No need to change your tech stack.



⚡Top 5 Poly AI Use Cases:

1. Account Management: Let customers manage and update their account details with a voice assistant.
2. Customer Verification: Identify and verify customers with a voice assistant.
3. Payment Processing: Let customers make payments over the phone with a voice assistant.
4. Reservation Management: Automate reservation calls end-to-end with a voice assistant.
5. Troubleshooting: Guide callers through troubleshooting and tech support processes with a voice assistant.


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