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Simplify ML model deployment with one-click deployments.
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What is PoplarML?

PoplarML is a platform that simplifies the deployment of machine learning models to production. It allows users to deploy their models to a fleet of GPUs with minimal engineering effort, using a CLI tool for one-click deployment. The platform supports various frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX, and provides real-time inference through a REST API endpoint. PoplarML aims to streamline the process of deploying machine learning models, enabling teams to focus on building their products without the complexities of infrastructure setup.



⚡Top 5 PoplarML Features:

  1. One Click Deploys: Seamlessly deploy ML models using the CLI tool to a fleet of GPUs.
  2. Real-time Inference: Invoke your model through a REST API.
  3. Framework Agnostic: Bring your Tensorflow, Pytorch, or JAX model, and PoplarML will handle the rest.
  4. Deploy Models to Production: Enables the deployment of production-ready, scalable ML systems with minimal engineering effort.
  5. Auto-scaling: Endpoints come with auto-scaling out of the box, ensuring low-latency when there are bursts of requests to your model.



⚡Top 5 PoplarML Use Cases:

  1. Deploying ML Models: PoplarML helps teams easily deploy custom machine-learning models to production with one simple CLI command.
  2. Scalability: The platform offers production-ready and scalable API endpoints that can handle bursts of requests.
  3. Framework Compatibility: PoplarML can deploy any custom model, regardless of the framework used.
  4. Efficient Deployment: The company’s platform is designed to deploy machine learning models with efficiency and accuracy.
  5. Streamlined Experience: PoplarML aims to provide a better and more streamlined experience for ML development.

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