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Prisma Editor

Powerful visual tool for schema editing & SQL generation.
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What is Prisma Editor?

Prisma Editor is designed to simplify database management. It offers real-time visualization, a user-friendly interface, and direct schema editing from a graph. Users can utilize SQL generation and leverage OpenAI’s NLP API for seamless schema creation and maintenance. Prisma Editor is built using technologies like Next.js and Google Tag Manager.



⚡Top 5 Railway Features:

  1. Instant Deployments: Railway enables developers to deploy their applications instantly without requiring a platform engineer.
  2. Effortless Scale: Railway simplifies scaling applications as they grow, automatically networking services and coordinating with environments and changesets.
  3. Operational Excellence: Railway ensures operational excellence by maintaining high availability and keeping applications on track.
  4. Express Development: Railway provides infrastructure primitives with sane defaults to help developers start quickly and focus on their products.
  5. Marketplace Templates: Railway offers a wide range of templates for various types of applications, making it easier to deploy and manage projects.



⚡Top 5 Railway Use Cases:

  1. Building Applications: Railway is used to build, ship, and monitor applications, offering a complete solution for developers.
  2. Iterating and Accelerating: Railway helps developers iterate faster and accelerate their projects by automating network connections between services.
  3. Scaling Operations: Railway supports scaling operations by maintaining high availability and ensuring applications can handle increased loads.
  4. Deploying NextJS Prisma Apps: Railway offers a simple way to deploy NextJS Prisma apps using templates, making it easier for developers to get started.
  5. Visualizing and Editing Prisma Schemas: Railway is used in conjunction with the Prisma Editor tool to visualize and edit Prisma schemas, providing real-time capabilities and collaboration features.

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