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What is Prodia?

Prodia provides an easy-to-use Stable Diffusion API for AI-powered image generation at a significantly lower cost compared to other cloud services. It offers blazing fast speed, generating images from text in under 4 seconds, and fair pricing that can cut up to 90% of text-to-image production expenses. With over 10,000 GPUs and having generated more than 200 million images, the platform is built to scale and has been used by various companies such as ChainGPT, Dreamkit, and Riffusion for different purposes.



⚡Top 5 Prodia Features:

  1. Generates Images from Text: Instantly transform text into stunning visuals in under 4 seconds.
  2. Blazing Fast Generation Time: Generate images in just 2 seconds.
  3. Massive GPU Network: Boasts over 10,000 GPUs capable of handling extensive application requirements.
  4. Fair Pricing: Offers up to 90% savings compared to traditional cloud services.
  5. Scalability: Can generate 50 million images and supports large-scale projects such as NFT collections and music model spectrograms.



⚡Top 5 Prodia Use Cases:

  1. ChainGPT: Utilize this tool to generate large NFT collections at scale.
  2. Dreamkit: Utilizes Prodia to visually represent users’ dreams.
  3. Riffusion: Uses the platform for generating spectrograms in their music model.
  4. Prodia Home Service: Offers free home lab testing with the U by Prodia app, providing convenience and expert care.
  5. Healthcare Network: With over 49 years of experience, Prodia is Indonesia’s largest healthcare network.

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