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Personal productivity tool for task org & progress tracking.
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What is ProductiveGPT?

ProductiveGPT aims to enhance productivity by utilizing the capabilities of the OpenAI GPT-3 API. It offers various functionalities such as brainstorming tools, programming tools, image/art tools, business tools, and writing tools. Users can generate elevator pitches, new business ideas, and refine company messages through this web application. Additionally, Vercel, the platform hosting the application, offers features like quickstart templates, optimized compute, zero-config streaming, and global performance optimization to deliver seamless user experiences.



⚡Top 5 ProductiveGPT Feature:

  1. Quick Task Management: Efficiently manage quick tasks such as drinking water, creating a grocery list, and more.
  2. Medium Task Management: Organize and prioritize medium tasks effectively.
  3. Large Task Management: Streamline the process of managing larger tasks.
  4. Reading Assistance: Utilize the power of AI to assist with reading tasks.
  5. Customizable Prompts: Create personalized prompts tailored to individual needs.



⚡Top 5 ProductiveGPT Use Cases:

  1. Elevator Pitch Generation: Generate compelling elevator pitches for business presentations.
  2. New Business Idea Brainstorming: Explore innovative new business ideas with the help of AI.
  3. Company Message Refinement: Improve company messages and communications through AI assistance.
  4. Prompt Editor: Edit prompts to generate more accurate and relevant responses from AI models.
  5. Brainstorm Next GPT-3 Tool: Collaborate on brainstorming sessions to develop the next generation of AI tools.

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