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AI-powered document processing for data extraction
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What is Programming Helper?

Programming Helper provides various tools and services related to programming. One of its main offerings is an application that uses a trained MLP (Multi-Layer Perceptron) model loaded with Spacy to extract work experience information from unstructured resume text. The extracted data is then used to predict job titles based on the given text. also includes a chat feature where users can interact with an AI assistant for programming-related queries. Other features include text-to-SQL command conversion, language translation, HTML generation, code explanation, and more.



⚡Top 5 Programming Helper Features:

  1. Extract Work Experience: Uses a trained MLP model loaded with Spacy to extract work experience from unstructured resume text.
  2. AI-Generated Code: Generates code based on a text description, saving time and energy for developers.
  3. Language Translation: Offers language translation capabilities.
  4. Class and Function Generation: Automatically generates classes and functions based on descriptions.
  5. HTML Generation: Creates HTML from descriptions.



⚡Top 5 Programming Helper Use Cases:

  1. Text Description to SQL Command: Converts text descriptions into SQL commands.
  2. Translate Languages: Translates languages automatically.
  3. Code to Explanation: Provides explanations for generated code.
  4. Fix Invalid Code: Corrects errors in existing code.
  5. Get Test for Code: Generates tests for code.

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