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What is Promoted?

Promoted offers AI-generated ads tailored to your landing page, which includes options for various brand voices and ad formats. It uses your landing page data to analyze and create optimized copies for different ad platforms. Users can choose between professional, formal, friendly, casual, inspirational, humorous, innovative, educational, sensual, nostalgic, excited, empathetic, and compassionate brand voices. Users can subscribe for updates on new features and provides expert recommendations based on specific wants, needs, timelines, and budgets.



⚡Top 5 Promoted Features:

  1. Instant Ad Creation: Create ads quickly and easily using this AI tool.
  2. Simple Scheduling: Schedule your ads according to your preferences.
  3. Easy Payment Processing: Simplify payments for your ad campaigns.
  4. AI-Generated Ads: Optimize your landing page data to create effective ads.
  5. Variety of Brand Voices: Choose from different brand voices to tailor your ads to your target audience.



⚡Top 5 Promoted Use Cases:

  1. Newsletter Sponsorships: Reach a targeted and engaged audience through sponsored newsletters.
  2. Landing Page Analysis: Analyze your landing page data to improve ad performance.
  3. Multiple Ad Platforms: Create optimized ads using Promoted’s services for various platforms.
  4. Customizable Campaigns: Design campaigns with a wide range of products and materials.
  5. Personalized Service: Work with local experts to select the best products and decoration methods for your brand.

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